Vulnerability - Adviser Support

Wiseradviser Vulnerability Cards *

Wiseradviser have launched 2 sets of 8 cards to help you when advising vulnerable clients. Every card has an eye-catching icon and some key practical ideas and reminders.

One set of 8 brings together ‘Behaviours’, with clear headings like ‘Support’ and ‘Empower’ to inform best practice and helpful tips. The other 8 draw on ‘Tools’ such as TEXAS, as well as a reminder of ‘Little red flags’, ways to handle a crisis and key legislation and guidelines.

We hope you find the phrases, tips and ideas useful and would love to hear your feedback.

You can view the cards online or download them by clicking on ths images below.

Double-sided prints:
Behaviours_-_Double_Side_Print Tools_-_Double_Side_Print

Single-sided prints:
Behaviours_-_Single_Side_Print Tools_-_Single_Side_Print

You can print them single or double sided. You may also wish to print 8 or 4 to a page depending on the size you would prefer.

Wiseradviser Vulnerability Training

To better understand and support clients in vulnerable circumstances, please complete our e-learning. Once this pre-requisite is completed you can register for the face-to-face workshop to practice your new skills.

E-learning Course Objectives

By the end of the e-learning you will be able to recognise or identify:

  • categories and definitions of vulnerability
  • appropriate, useful questions and a best practice approach
  • rights and protection provided by legislation and guidelines
  • how debt type and vulnerability are linked
  • how to handle and record sensitive personal data correctly
  • signs, triggers and approach with clients experiencing financial abuse
  • what we can expect from creditors when working with clients in vulnerable circumstances

Workshop Course Objectives

The workshop explores:

  • challenges you might face when advising vulnerable clients and ways to overcome these
  • ways of building external relationships or networks to better support vulnerable clients
  • the Data Protection Act including the difference between personal data and sensitive personal data
  • best practice approach with clients experiencing financial abuse or who are suicidal
  • practical ways both you and creditors can adapt to your client’s needs
  • ways to build resilience and coping mechanisms to work with vulnerable clients

Register or login to your Wiseradviser account to request these courses.

Vulnerability guide for advice agencies

Follow this link for Vulnerability: a guide for advice agencies – 12 steps for treating clients in vulnerable situations fairly, which was written by vulnerability experts Chris Fitch and Colin Trend, and funded by the Trust.

Vulnerability guide for debt collection

You may also be interested to read 21 steps Vulnerability: a guide for debt collection. 21 questions, 21 steps. which provides more details around some of the tools highlighted on the support cards.

* Many thanks to Chris Fitch, Colin Trend, The Institute of Money Advisers, AdviceUK, Citizens Advice, Money Advice Scotland, Toynbee Hall, StepChange, the Money Advice Service, Christians Against Poverty and The Financial Ombudsman Service for your support and feedback in the development of these cards.